classic - classical

classic - classical
'classic' used as an adjective
A classic example of something has all the features or characteristics which you expect something of its kind to have.

This statement was a classic illustration of British politeness.

London is the classic example of the scattered city.

Classic is also used to describe films or books which are judged to be of outstanding quality. of the classic works of the Hollywood cinema.

...Brenan's classic analysis of Spanish history.

'classic' used as a noun
A classic is a book which is well-known and thought to be of a high literary standard.

We had all the standard classics at home.

Classics is the study of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, especially their languages, literature, and philosophy.

She obtained a first class degree in Classics.

Classical music is music written by composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. Music of this kind is often complex in form, and is considered by many people to have lasting value.

I spend a lot of time reading and listening to classical music.

...classical pianists.

Classical is also used to refer to things connected with ancient Greek or Roman civilization.

...classical mythology.

Truffles have been savoured as a delicacy since classical times.


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